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BiH premiere of the movie “Terra Magica” Sarajevo – a city of cinema and top wines

Sarajevo, March 23, – On Wednesday, March 23, at the Sarajevo Meeting Point, organized by the Sarajevo Wine Weekend Sarajevo Wine Week, Fina Vina d.o.o. and the restaurants “4 rooms of the Mrs. Safija” held the long-awaited premier of the documentary film “Terra Magica”, of recently tragically deceased Slovenian director, Jure Breceljnik. The film is a kind of road-movie filmed in the Goriška Brda, which through a fantastic photo narrates a warm and intimate story about the emergence of wine, about dedication to the earth, the sun and wine-growing. At the press conference held on the occasion of the premiere, actors, stars-winemakers Aleš Kristančič (Movia), Marjan Simčič, Edi Simčič, Stojan Ščurek and Marko Skočaj (Dolfo) spoke about the film. It is the families of these five winemakers whose tradition of wine production goes back to several tens and even hundreds of years ago thanks to the glory of this region not only in professional oenological circles, but also among connoisseurs and collectors of top-quality wines. Organizer Amir Beširević from Fine Wine says: “The Mission of Sarajevo Wine Weekend, which has been in existence for almost a decade and a half, is the promotion of wine culture and everything that follows the noble discipline of viticulture. By bringing “Terra Magica” to Sarajevo and BiH, we finally managed to merge two things – Sarajevo, long known for the film, and Sarajevo, which finally deserved the status of the site of top wines and their celebrated creators. “By producing top wines our partners, and at the same time our Friends, give a personal stamp to our company and fine wines.

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